3. Painted Into a Corner

Using out of date software is irresponsible. But Windows 95?!? Come on, people! That's just stupid!
Show Notes:

In Episode 3 of Stupid or just Irresponsible Justin Shelley, CEO of Master Computing, and Joe Melot, CTO of Master Computing discuss the stupid things we see out in the wild. Last week we talked about slow computers. Today we play and expand on that and talk about outdated software. When is software out of date? In this episode we put a timeline on software.

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[4:35] – Using out of date software 
  • Additional problems introduced when you use old software
  • As far as hacking is concerned, software is the Name of The Game!
  • Hardware, hard to break into without having to deal with the software behind it
  • Software side has to be CONTINUALLY updated because with every update to this thing and that thing can cause security vulnerabilities to any given software at any given time 
  • The name of the game for hackers is to figure a way to get into software, to get into computer to steal your stuff
[5:35] - Look at Microsoft office (this is what we are going to dig into today) – when do you have to replace it? The end of life?
[5:50] - Oldest version of supported Microsoft office today:
  • End of life Office 2010 is October this year (2020) 
  • So “technically” it is still ok today…
  • But if you are running windows 7 you are so much more likely to get hit with a virus than windows 10
[6:45] - When should people update their software?
  • Joe always advises to upgrade “on your own terms”, last thing anyone wants is to be smashed into a corner
  • Doesn’t make sense financially, everything is always going to break, so many roadblocks
  • Financially, it costs SO much more to wait until last minute
  • Don’t wait until you’re painted into a corner… 
  • Want it to be on your terms, so you can prepare, and when those roadblocks come up you have wiggle room, and probably end up saving you some money. 
  • Have a plan, get some solid advice!
[9:00] - QBR – (Quarterly Business Reviews)
  • Once a quarter we go and talk to the person who makes business decisions
  • Discuss future of your company looking like
  • Do we Expect any grand expansions?
  • I noticed your phone system is going out of date, maybe last year I would’ve come to you saying we need to upgrade office 10 
[10:04] - Budgeting is #1 want to be able to spread that money out, it always costs less, it definitely costs less to do it right once, then do it wrong 2 or 3 times… 
[11:43] – Email migrations: Story from a fellow IT guy
  • This company has been neglected for 10 years
  • Still running exchange 2010 and Office 2010…
  • Exchange is the actual office mail server itself (done back in January, no longer supported by Microsoft)
  • Stupid – using exchange 2010
  • Irresponsible – using office 2010 
[13:15] – Still Using Exchange 2010 
  • Can we migrate exchange server from 2010 to the current version exchange server directly? The answer is NO.
  • Have to have a 3rd party
  • Download all emails to hard drive
  • Convert to other form
  • Upload those into the cloud
  • There is not a direct migration path from 2010 to a newer server 
This is perfect example of this costs way more ignore versus just to do it up front and do it right. 
“Server 2003 still existed in this company… Windows 95...” That is just stupid. 
[17:00] - Ransomware, bank fraud, now they have your exchange system, they are faking your emails to any and all of your contacts..
[17:30] - Paying an IT guy and he is promising the world, but how do you know he is giving sound advice, as far as strategy is concerned? 

[18:15] - Schedule your online meeting today!
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