About Stupid… or Just Irresponsible?

When You Fall Victim To A Cyber-Attack Through No Fault Of Your Own, Will They Call You Stupid…Or Just Irresponsible?

My name is Justin Shelley, CEO of Master Computing. DFW’s #1 Cybersecurity Focused IT Consulting firm, we specialize in making technology productive and easy for small business owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area and have a stellar reputation for fast, proactive service build over 22 years.

I started this podcast ‘Stupid or Irresponsible’ to give listeners entirely FREE and time-sensitive information that is important and critical to know regarding today’s growing cyber security threats. Each episode I share why I am so passionate about this topic, and why I decided to make it my personal mission to help – and at least EDUCATE – as many business owners as I can about the dangers of cybercrime and how you can protect yourself from losing everything!