1. The Stupid Things People Do With Passwords

I used the same password for 15 years! Pretty stupid...

  • At [5:30] we talk about the #1 thing people do we wish no one did when it comes to passwords...Is this you?
  • At [5:50] we talk about a CEO that we saved $20,000 that could have very easily gone the other way. a mistake and we share a story where a CEO used the same password and if it weren't for us he would 
  • At 7:00 we talk about your credentials becoming available FOR SALE on the DARK WEB and the reason Justin changed his password he had created 15 years ago after finding out his were for sale on the dark web and how his credentials were for sale 
  • At [10:05] we talk about some simple things you can remember when creating a password that can help protect your information. 
  • At [15:25] we talk about the #1 best way to stay secure and why this prevents any kind of hacker to fake being you and stealing your identity